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Anatomical, soft, cushioning, enveloping or orthopaedic insoles: The Gelato anatomic insole

Gelato is an anatomic insole studied and designed by Gelateria Italiana for the health and well-being of your feet and back. Poor posture or an uncomfortable shoe can cause circulation problems and joint pain. For this reason, the anatomical, soft, cushioning, enveloping or orthopaedic insoles designed and manufactured by Gelateria Italiana are inspired by the natural shape of the foot, to ensure correct weight distribution between the forefoot and heel.

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The anatomical shape of the gel insole also makes the footing stable and provides adequate support. Weight distribution is made possible thanks to a specific design that guarantees the correct inclination of the foot, leaving the necessary space for the muscles, tendons and toes to position themselves in the correct way without undergoing excessive pressure. Choosing the right anatomic insole is important for your well-being, so we are sure that in our online shop you will find anatomic insoles for sale that will suit your needs. Because well-being begins with the feet. An anatomic gel insole for your shoes Gelateria Italiana insoles are designed to be inserted inside suitable footwear which allows them to function correctly. This is why we recommend the use of Gelattto by Gelateria Italiana shoes with removable insoles called Baci. Open and closed toe models; mules and shoes produced with high quality stretch materials, with breathable linings. All this to best meet your needs and guarantee you general well-being.

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