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Graduated compression socks for the well-being of your legs

Gelateria Italiana takes 360° care of the well-being of your feet and legs. For this reason, in our online catalogue you can find an assortment of graduated compressionsocks  suitable for relieving the symptoms of poor venous circulation in the legs.

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In fact, regular use of elastic socks helps those suffering from circulatory disorders to reduce the possibility of developing pathologies such as thrombosis or embolism. The orthopaedic medical compression socks offered in the Gelateria Italiana online shop are made with the finest quality elastic yarns, which is why they ensure maximum comfort in contact with the skin. Worn regularly, they help relieve tiredness and slight swelling in the legs, especially in cases where the person is forced to remain upright for a long time. The unisex graduated compression socks help to improve circulation and well-being for those who spend many hours standing, for those who work sitting at a desk, for those who travel by car, plane and train. Useful for swollen and tired legs with water retention and varicose veins. Our orthopaedic elastic socks are also recommended to be worn during the first months of pregnancy to relieve the sense of fatigue and discomfort in the legs. If you are looking for deductible orthopaedic stockings, we are sure that you will find the compression socks that best suit your needs in our catalogue.
Patterned orthopaedic socks
Coloured, polka dot, patterned. There is a vast assortment of graduated compression socks in different patterns in our catalogue. In fact, thanks to the wide choice of colours and models, Gelattto by Gelateria Italiana orthopaedic socks can be considered a real fashion accessory. Furthermore, thanks to the use of high quality materials, the Gelateria Italiana socks are hypoallergenic and breathable. Browse our catalogue! We are sure that you will find in our vast assortment of orthopaedic socks for men and women the right accessory to enhance your outfit without relinquishing comfort.

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